Molecules are an experiential piece of art, with a static image for printing, an animation - all generated and stored on the on the Ethereum Blockchain.
​Cosmic Meta Molecules consists of 8888 unique and programmatically generated molecules. Each molecule is generated via pure JavaScript and each molecule is entirely unique.
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Cosmic Meta Pixel Art and Molecules
Cosmic Meta Molecules #1
Cosmic Meta Molecules #2


Alchemy Rate: Alchemy rate indicator Atom Count: Total atom count of the molecule Bonding: Bonding type Category: Molecule category Color: Color type Cosmic Rarity: Rarity indicator Discovered By: Who is the discoverer/inventor Location: The location molecule found/created in the universe Mineral: Mineral (familiarity) Planet of Origin: The planet that the molecule found/discovered Radioactivity: Radioactivity level Scheme: Molecule scheme Star of Origin: The start that the planet belongs to Transmutation: Transmutation (familiarity)
Cosmic Meta Molecules #88
Cosmic Meta Molecules #88
Cosmic Meta Molecules #114
Cosmic Meta Molecules #114