Cosmic Meta is a general concept about a fictional universe and based on an intergalactic story.

Year 2053

The rising tension between the United States and Russia caused the outbreak of the 3rd World War. China sided with Russia in this war, and North Korea's use of nuclear weapons on America's west coast ignited a global extinction that made the world uninhabitable.

Year 2081

Under the leadership of a privileged group of wealthy and gifted scientists, a spaceship that left Earth began its interstellar journey out of the solar system. This spaceship had all the necessary conditions and equipment to sustain life for thousands of years.

Year 2147

For the first time, scientists have uncovered and implemented the technological secrets that the spaceship can travel at close to 99% of the speed of light.

Year 3589

The spaceship, which departed from Earth thousands of years ago, brought 20th generation humans to the planet Kepler-452b. Humans have built a peaceful life on this planet for about 100 years, but other advanced alien civilizations living on other planets have started to visit the planet and communicate with humans. Some of these civilizations began to frequent their visits with some hostile intentions.

Year 3601

Alien life forms were discovered on planets; Teegarden's Star b, TOI-700 d, Kepler-1649 c, TRAPPIST-1 d, Proxima Cen b, K2-72 e, GJ 1061 d, GJ 1061 c, Ross 128 b, GJ 273 b, Kepler-296 e, TRAPPIST-1 e, Kepler-442 b, GJ 667 C f, Kepler-62 f, TRAPPIST-1 f, Teegarden's Star c, Kepler-1229 b, Kepler-186 f, GJ 667 C e, and TRAPPIST-1 g.

Year 3703

In the event of an intergalactic war, a special force of skilled all-female warriors has been formed.
Cosmic Meta War Chicks
The leader of the Cosmic Meta War Chicks, Emlyn, is the Metaverse’s last hope.
The leader of the Cosmic Meta War Chicks, Emlyn, is the Metaverse’s last hope.