Cosmic Meta is a technology-driven community, in love with arts, games, and communications, that helps to preserve the ocean and environment and investigates blockchain and web3 features.

Phase 1: Q1 2022

The Beginning

  • Setting up social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Telegram).
  • Promote our social media profiles and gain an audience.
  • Building a cohesive community with the same vision and love for NFTs, art, and the crypto world.

Phase 2: Q2 2022


  • Start building a minting website for the next generation of Cosmic Meta collections.
  • Focusing on social media to gain organic growth.
  • Public release of the Cosmic Meta Pixel Art for free minting.
  • Whitelisting our community for the next collection release through contests and giveaways.
  • Fill out the whitelist with 100 members for future pre-sale. At this stage, you can get whitelisted for 5 invites or boost our Discord server.

Phase 3: Q3 2022


  • Collaborations and Giveaways with other artists from the Community.
  • Focusing on social media to gain organic growth.
  • Posting on NFT listing sites for Pixel Art and Molecules events.
  • Public release of the Cosmic Meta Molecules for free minting..
  • Design a new generation of Cosmic Meta War Chicks collection with brand new appearance and rarity levels. The collection will consist of 2222 NTFs.
  • Release minting website and start whitelist-sale for community members. Price - 0.25 ETH for everybody (fair distribution).

Phase 4: Q4 2022 - Q4 2023

Getting serious

  • All Cosmic Meta Holders will receive the status "Partner" and other benefits. Each holder of Cosmic Meta will receive NFTs from the next collection phase for free.
  • Launch marketing campaigns and collaborate with other NFT projects.
  • Starting to focus on conceptional design of the Play&Earn Metaverse game.
  • Launching Cosmic Meta token and NFT staking system.
  • Start working on the Merch Storeand go live.
  • Focusing on the existing AI and create much more SourceNFTs for the community.
  • Release of Roadmap 2.0.

Sale Progress

25%: We will giveaway 40 Molecule, 40 Pixel Art and 10 War Chicks to our Discord members and 1 ETH to a random OG Cosmic Meta owner from the pre-sale whitelist.
50%: We will be donating $10,000 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Memphis, USA) and $10,000 to LÖSEV (Istanbul, Turkey).
75%: We will be launching our Cosmic Meta online store. 100% of the sales will go directly to the community wallet.
100%: We will be launching a new Cosmic Meta theme NFTs collection with exclusive pre-sale access for Molecules, Pixel Art and War Chicks owners. Play&Earn metaverse game development will start and in addition to that, 10 ETH will be distributed among 10 Cosmic Meta owners.