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Who are we?

The project has 3 main goals:
  • Popularization of NFT and development of the web3 community
  • Create a play&earn Metaverse game (Story)
  • Support and assistance in promoting other NFT projects
Cosmic Meta is a community-driven project with a technology-driven community, in love with arts, games, and communications, that helps to preserve the environment and investigates blockchain and web3 features. Each Cosmic Meta NFT grants access to members-only benefits.

Philosophy, mission, and principles

Blockchain and NFT are fairly new technologies that are still unknown and incomprehensible to most people. Our mission is to bring people from different spheres of activity together and create a synergy effect to help grow this project and the projects of other members of our community. To combine common knowledge and experience to implement environmentally friendly NFT projects that will bring qualitative changes to the world or have aesthetic value.
In addition to that we aim to build a Play&Earn Metaverse game playable on desktop, mobile and browsers.

Our Community

We are building a community of people who are interested in current trends in the web3 world, create their own NFT projects, and help other participants with their projects. They generate and implement ideas, create and collect art, enjoy the web3 world, and play&earn. The community is based on mutual benefit, cooperation, and co-creation.