We want to give our community value behind our cool NFTs. That's why Cosmic Meta brings the following utilities


Children are our future. We must do our best to heal our sick children and make them smile again. 10% of initial sales will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Memphis, USA) and $10,000 to LÖSEV (Istanbul, Turkey).

Play & Earn game

And of course the game! Our NFTs will have a special functionality in our future play&earn game (like a molecule which has a high radioactiviy level will increase the production rate of a factory by 25% or 50% etc.). Check out 🎮┃the-game for the development progress of the game!

Passive Income

When we speak about NFTs and the reasons why people buy them. Nobody always says that one of the first reasons is to earn money! Of course, people collect some amazing art, but everybody in this space wants to earn! That's why we decided to share our profits with Cosmic Meta holders as an additional bonus. 10% of initial sales will be distributed to holders at the end of each phase according to the amount of NFTs held.


NFT world is a community first of all. We are blessed to meet such amazing people on our way on this journey. That's why one of the most important utilities of Cosmic Meta NFT is access to the community of artists, designers, and developers.

Early Access

Cosmic Meta holders are automatically whitelisted for all upcoming collections.


We have got some experience in this space so far and will be glad to share it with people who start their own projects and don't know what to do. Each holder can get NFT advice from us and our amazing community and smart contract consultation from our development team as well.


We love to give back. Additionally to profit sharing we are organizing Giveaways and Airdrops at the end of each sales phase.


After the launch of the Cosmic Meta War Chicks collection, the Galactica coin will be released and liquidity will be added. The next step is the implementation of NFT staking functionality. Each holder will be able to stake their NFT and receive a Galactica coin as a reward.


Participation in community life & decision-making. The most active participants who have made their contribution to the community can enter the DAO and participate in the life of the community and decision-making on the development of the project.